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Prueba tus alas

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Con esto del frío y la nostalgia, nada mejor que la dulce voz de Blossom Dearie para “Prueba tus alas”. Que la disfruten:



Try Your Wings
Music by Michael Barr, lyrics by Dion McGregor, performed by Blossom Dearie on LP “Give Him The Oo-La-La” (Verve, 1957).

If you’ve never been in love
And you’re longing for the happiness it brings
Try your wings

If you’re hungry for the sound
Of a lover saying sentimental things
Try your wings

Even the tiniest bluebird
Has to leave its nest to fly
What a bluebird can do
You can do too, if you try

If you’ve always had a dream
But you’ve been afraid that it would not come true, hitherto
Fall in love and you will find
That it’s just what you’ve been dreaming of

A first love never comes twice
So take this tender advice
When it comes, try your wings
And fly to the one you love

Tnks a lot, always write.

Written by Uriel

24/10/2007 a 11:37 am

Publicado en ¡Música!

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2 comentarios

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  1. It’s amazing


    02/08/2008 at 5:26 pm

  2. Thanks a lot for this wonderful song Urielo !


    07/09/2008 at 2:55 am


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